Thursday, June 23, 2011

“Country Girl” Soundtrack is coming along – get your pre-orders in by Sunday, July 10th

The ARL Band has been in the studio for the past couple of weeks recording some original music for an upcoming indie film being shot here in Portland in July.  The film is a “coming of age” story about a young female singer, whose character’s songs appear throughout the movie.  Dave & Jozi are working closely with this award-winning director, Devon Gidley, to provide seven original songs for the lead role to perform throughout the film.  The tracks that we’ve laid down have come out very nicely, and we look forward to polishing them up for the finished project.

In addition to the songs appearing in the film, ARL would also like to produce a “motion picture soundtrack” to accompany the release of the film.  In order to do this, we are looking to raise some capital to cover our production costs using “kickstarter.”  If you aren’t familiar with kickstarter, it is a fun, no-risk way to pre-purchase copies of the soundtrack, DVD of the movie, T-Shirts, signed SWAG, and the like.  If you pledge a certain amount by Sunday, July 10th at 11:59pm AND we hit our goal, your credit card will be charged, and you will get the above mentioned SWAG.  Conversely, if we don’t meet our goal, no one gets charged a dime, and we may not move forward with creating the “soundtrack” portion of the project outside of what appears in the film (we have additional songs that we would like to include that may not appear in the film).

As of this morning, we are at $418 in pledges (15% there!) with 13 backers.  July 10th at 11:59pm is only 17 days away, and we would be ever so grateful if you joined us in this exciting venture!  How often do you get to make a movie soundtrack?  How fun is that?

Love to have you join us.

See the video, hear a couple “scratch tracks” for the movie, and get more information here:

DJ Dave & the “All Requests Live” Band
Call/text (503) 489-8275
facebook/twitter/blogspot @allrequestslive

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