Friday, August 26, 2011

If It Weren't For the Last Minute

Wow - ARL has had an amazing wedding season helping out our lovely brides with their special days.  What's amazing to me is the number of couples who call last minute to schedule our DJ or Band services at the last minute because their "DJ bailed on them."

I have a theory, and I could be wrong, but DJ's are probably the biggest wildcard for any event (and even more so for a wedding).  Many of these so-called-professionals, are generally a one-man show, and they DJ an event or two all summer.  If they get a better paying "gig" they dump the smaller wedding in favor of the better paying one.

ARL has never (did I say never?) cancelled on our customers for any reason.  Even when Matt, one of our DJ's, had his wife in the E.R., we picked right up with another team member and never missed a beat... no pun intended!  We have a full live band, plus 3 professional audio professional cast members (all of which are working different weddings on 9/10/11 - big surprise), plus a 4th backup, with new, professional-grade audio equipment.  We pay a monthly license fee for our music (so we can play it legally), and we have the track record that many entertainment companies will never attain!

We look forward to seeing you at your next special event!

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