Monday, January 30, 2017

All Requests Live DJ & Band’s 2017 Season Debut

I'm sure the band is in this picture somewhere, but now I'm hungry
John had no idea that his 60th birthday party was about to happen, but his loving wife, Joni, had big plans for him.  She arranged to have a fun group of family and friends gather together at Bella Via in Sherwood, then invited us (the All Requests Live Band) to carry the musical entertainment for the evening. We love a surprise party, so of course we said yes!
Party?  Yaaaaaasssss!
The birthday boy's surprise went off without a hitch, and the fun began.  In case you were wondering what it's like to have the ARL band join you at your event, here's what goes down: While the guests are enjoying dinner (in this case amazing food from Cheryl's on 12th and tasty micro-brews from the Bella Via bar), DJ Dave and Diva Jozi make their way through the crowd chatting with the guests to find out what kinds of songs they want to hear, and specifically which ones will be most likely to get them to jump up and dance when the band kicks into gear.  They collect song titles, genres, eras, artists- anything the guests are willing to share.  Usually this involves a fun conversation and even a dare or two in classic "stump the band" style.  
Maybe not this far
At John's party, though, things went surprisingly different: All of John's guests spent a lot of time making sure they requested what they thought JOHN would like to hear, and it took some extra pressing to make sure that they tossed in a couple of their own personal requests! John, you are obviously well-loved by all your family and friends- the ones who loved Country music were more than willing to put up with an entire evening of Metallica covers if they thought that was what you wanted to hear. 

But luckily after a couple tours of the room, the ARL band was armed with a wide variety of songs to perform and the party ended up being one of the most fun events we as a band have ever played.  There was even a guest performance from John's 19 year old niece, who performed a special song for the birthday boy.
Just like this, only, she actually remembered the words
The man of the day, John, spread some love to the band at the close of the evening.  “We were very impressed with the diversity of songs you were able to perform live.  I really enjoy all types of music from Toby Mac to Pink Floyd, and you guys did a great job.  It was very kind of you to have (my niece) come up and sing with you guys.” Thanks John! We appreciate the accolades and we agree, your niece is an amazing singer!

The team at Bella Via grabbed a few pictures and quick video and posted on social media, so if you want to see more of the fun (and the beautiful venue that Bella Via offers in Sherwood), check out their page here on Facebook. Joni was quick to chime in: “The video doesn't do you guys justice. It wasn't that much longer after this song that the whole room was up and dancing the night away. We can't thank you enough! John was super surprised and everyone thought you guys were really amazing! I would do it again in a heart beat!”  Annnnnd awwwww, thanks Joni! We had an awesome time too!  Joni also had such kind words to say about us here and we are incredibly grateful for her review and enthusiasm.
We wish we could review you guys right back too
So from us at ARL, especially after such a fun night, we want to say that making a memorable night for someone's sixtieth birthday is such an honor.  There are many reasons why we love our job, and this is just one of them! Thanks Joni for a great gig, and happy birthday John!

The All Requests Live Band and DJ Services are currently booking for 2017.  Our team can provide simple DJ and MC services for weddings and parties, all the way up to Summer Festivals all around the Northwest.  We look forward to talking with you about YOUR event.

DJ Dave, Diva Jozi and the All Requests Live Team