Monday, October 24, 2022

DJ, MC and Pro Audio for the Pacific Northwest

DJ and Pro Audio rates are $75/hr (Mon-Thurs) and $95/hr (Fri-Sun, Holidays), plus a trip charge (Ask for Quote).  No deposit required.  Our hourly costs begin from when you need us to be set up by until we hit "stop."  

Our 4-hour minimum includes:

  • Professional DJ/MC Entertainment and Pro Audio: Our entire cast is made up of employees who have extensive training on how to engage your guests encourage everyone to have a great time.  We can “MC” and make appropriate announcements, talking as much or as little as you like
  • Rig:  Tech stuff - Our standard setup includes two Main 12” passive commercial PA speakers on stands (good volume for up to 50 indoor guests or roughly 30 outdoors).  We can scale to meet any size; see below.  We run two devices of legal, licensed, and radio-edited music from all eras and styles.  The music set is customized exclusively to you and your event.  In addition, we also include a wireless handheld microphone that can be shared for toasts, thank you’s, etc.  
  • Requests: We can take real time requests on the spot 
  • Email and Phone coordination: We will get all the information we need from you prior to the event at no additional charge.  
  • No deposit needed and no cancellation fees:  Things change; we get it; let us know as soon as you are able.
  • Payment due at the completion of your event; cash and cards happily accepted.

Optional add-ons:

  • Fog machine: Water-based fog $65/day (ask your venue if it’s ok)
  • HD Sound Upgrade:  If you’re looking for “that sound,” the HD Sound setup is available (powered 15” Mackie® speakers, powered Mackie® subwoofer, etc.) for a flat rate ranging from $65-$235/day
  • 2nd PA setup available:  For when sound is needed in more than one location.  Battery operated speakers available; ask for more information.  Starts at $65/day
  • Karaoke:  Add Karaoke for $150/day which includes TV/Monitor and 2 microphones
  • Planning Meeting:  We generally coordinate via email and phone, which keeps our costs down.  We do offer in-person pre-planning meetings at a flat $65 per meeting (added to the final bill) at our studio in Wilsonville
  • Mileage/Travel Costs:  We gladly provide services for events for most of Oregon and Southwest Washington.  We calculate at $1.35/mile each direction (Ask for Quote)
  • Outside venues:  Due to all the factors involved, a $65 fee will be added to outside events.  And, yes, a covered barn with a concrete floor is still “outside.”  

Need more?  These are just our most popular FAQ’s. We have many more technical and talent resources.  Please let us know.

Contact:  Call/text (503) 489-8275 or Email us